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At a glance:


  • Built in 1967

  • One of three major interstate bridges connecting Illinois and Iowa in the Quad Cities

  • Roadway features outdated and traffic growing, associated increases in crashes

  • Recurring, costly bridge maintenance required

  • Planning and Environmental Linkages study launched in 2020 to consider environmental, community, economic impacts of potential improvements

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More than 400 residents, organizations and other stakeholders joined an interactive, online public Meeting on May 11, 2022, to learn about the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge study, review potential improvement alternatives, and provide feedback to the project team.


Following a video presentation and discussion of study exhibits, participants asked questions and provided feedback directly to representatives of the Illinois and Iowa Departments of Transportation.


Please view the information presented at the meeting HERE, and then provide your opinion on the potential improvement alternatives for the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge and the I-88 Interchange. The full meeting record, including discussion, is also available for review online.


Comments are always welcome; and those received through May 25, 2022, will become part of the public meeting record.

I-80 Mississippi
River Bridge



The Illinois Department of Transportation is conducting this study in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Transportation


A Planning an Environmental Linkages study is designed to coordinate with stakeholders in identifying existing and future transportation challenges and potential improvements


Study completion is expected late 2023. Following completion of the study it is anticipated that the next phase of engineering will begin,  involving the development of detailed contract  plans for the selected improvement alternative.  


The study includes approximately six miles from the I-88/I-80 interchange in Illinois to SW 35th Street in Bettendorf, Iowa


The bridge does not meet current design standards, and recurring and costly maintenance is required